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  • " You lost what? "

    "Our data: Accounting files, customer lists, everything. The hard drive crashed. It was nobody's fault. We lost everything!"

  • "You have backups, right?"

    "Alex was supposed to be doing them. He never verified the tapes. Our last good backup is over a year old. I think we're in trouble!"

  • "I'm sorry, Stan: You're fired!"

    Don't let YOUR data, YOUR business, or YOUR job go up in smoke. Protect your most valuable business asset with our remote backup service. It's automatic, secure, and affordable.

  • Protective IT Management

    Bring control of your business data back into your own hands.

  • Amicus Data 3-Step Approach to Recovery

    1. Quick file recovery within minutes
    2. Quick failed server recovery within hours
    3. Quick disaster recovery for an entire worksite, within 24-48 hours, providing access to critical applications

    Business Continuity

    When your hard drive fails, make sure your data is safe

    As your most valuable asset, it is critical to protect your data from the inevitable disaster of hard drive failure. Now is the time for a backup plan. Amicus Data makes this plan simple and cost-effective by offering complete solutions that mitigate these risks for your business today and position you for future growth.

    Ready To Protect Your Data?

    If your hard drive crashed right now, how much data would you lose? Consulting us now will save you later. Get a Free Consultation.

    Offsite Data Backup

    With this secure and encrypted offsite Data Backup/vaulting System, your computer goes to work after you’ve gone home.

    Business Phone Systems

    We have the experience and the technology to assist your business with achieving an efficient communications system.

    Data Backup

    Amicus Data is your friend in the IT field!

    Our motto is “Getting Your Data Back Up.” Since we know that data is the lifeblood of your business, our purpose is to keep that data available to you. We help you work more efficiently by offering networking services. To help prevent disaster we offer backup services. If your computer goes down we offer service and repair work.

    Simply put, we are your IT department. We are dedicated to help you succeed.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    "I am pleased to provide positive assurance on behalf of the personal work ethic and productivity credentials for Sheldon Penner a person I have known for three years..... "

    —Ron Fischer, President
    Emerald Island Technology, Inc